Cultural Portraits, 2nd edition 


The 2nd edition of Cultural Portraits was published in 2010. At last count, there were only 58 copies left in our Knoxville warehouse, attesting to the popularity of the book. With the 3rd edition now available, we decided to slash the price of the remaining copies of the 2nd edition from $55 ($75 retail) to $35, to be sold on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

The information contained in the 2nd edition is very similar to that which is found in the new one, except that the figures quoted in a number of categories are those that were available in 2009, when this edition was in preparation. As we all know, a country’s culture remains the same, since change is very slow to take place: it takes a group of people many generations, often many centuries, to develop a belief system and behavior. So, while a country’s population or its grading system may experience change from time to time, its “signature” we call Culture remains constant. To this end, we have left in place sample pages of each of the four parts of the 2nd edition for your perusal.

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2nd Edition       80 Countries       19 Categories

Cultural Portraits is divided into four parts:

Each Portrait has information on 19 categories:
Flag, Map, Official Name Of The Country, Location, Capital, Population, Political System, Race/Ethnicity; Language(S) Spoken; Religion(S); Challenges; Family; Gender Roles; Proxemics; Caveats; Dates; Numbers; Time;Name Structure; Diet; Body Language; Punctuality; Cultural Patterns.

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Each country’s Educational Profile gives a visual over-view of the sequence of levels of learning, certificates/degrees earned, and grades given in:
Primary/Secondary Education (w/suggested U.S. grading scale equivalents) and Post-Secondary Education. A convenient Transcript Vocabulary will help understand most course entries in foreign Secondary School records.

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The Glossary reflects words or terms used in the text which may be unknown or not used every day and some brief explanation is in order. One will know when to look up such a word (in alphabetic order) if it appears in the text in Italic Script.

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The Appendix section at the end of the book contains information on a number of topics of possible interest, tangentially-related to culture, such as:
Abbreviations; A Synoptic Glance At World Cultures; Alphabets Of The World; World Literacy; Ranking The World’s Universities; Shanghai Ranking; Poverty And Education; Distribution Of Family Income; Diets Around The World; Gender Gap Map; The Numbers 1 – 100; Numeric Words And Symbols; Good Luck And Bad Luck Numbers; Understanding Arabic Names; Time Zone Map Of The World; Weights And Measures; References.

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