Cultural Knowledge Quiz

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Read each statement quickly, decide if it is True or False, then check to see the correct answer. Total your correct responses and find out how well you fared. 1. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by Norway. 2. Upon retirement, the Chinese receive a hand-carved, Swiss clock. 3. The newlywed Serbian husband surprised his bride with a bouquet of a dozen …

bpallsCultural Knowledge Quiz

Women under Sharia Law

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A lot is taking place in the world today in the name of religion but this is nothing new: history is replete with acts of war in the name of religion. One hears of what is happening in London, in southern France or in the Netherlands where Muslims want to replace Christianity with Islam. The Middle East is aflame with …

bpallsWomen under Sharia Law

Gender Gap

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The World Economic Forum, based in Geneva, Switzerland, publishes an annual report on the roles of men and women in some 135 countries around the world. Each country is assigned a composite score that reflects the degree of equality between the sexes. The Composite score (Gender Gap) as to how men and women fare is derived by examining: salary earned …

bpallsGender Gap